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"In a gentle way, you can shake the world." 

- Mahatma Gandhi -

About Me

As a Leader, I like to go with Mahatma Gandhi, who said it straight: "In a gentle way, you can shake the world." This has become pretty much a mantra for me and my life. I strongly believe that everyone - even calm introverts like me - can 'shake' the world in a positive way, if you have self-confidence and trust your capabilities. 

As an Innovator, I love new things and the dynamics of change, no matter if it is trying new activities, sports, food and cooking, as well as getting to know people and cultures on the one hand, or experimenting with digital products, innovative services, and digging into new business models on the other hand. However, I am of the firm opinion that we humans need to change more consciously and mindfully; despite - or exactly because of - the increasing speed of change and the tremendous information-overflow in this world. 

As a Mental Coach, I firmly believe that our mind is the most powerful tool we have when it comes to being confident that everything is possible. This is true and often used as an idiom in sports. I believe it is likewise valid in business and personal life. This is why I recommitted to elaborate the world of mental coaching, after having recognised the importance of a growth mindset and positive thinking in several roles from sportsman, sports coach, project manager, product lead and business leader. 

The journey of your personal development is the most exciting and fulfilling in your life, I promise. With Serious Dreams I am developing myself continuously, every single day. I am happy to share these experiences with my community and our clients. Together we grow consciously towards our dreams!

Ask me for

  • Mental Coaching

  • Positive Thinking & Growth Mindset 

  • Start-Up Vision, Purpose and Strategy Consulting

  • Corporate-Startup, Co-Creation & Incubation Consulting

  • Digital Transformation & Innovation Management

  • User Experience Thinking & UX Design

  • Mindful Sports ('make your sports workout a conscious mental retreat')

Stages of my life


The 2010s


The 2000s


The 1990s


The late 1980s


The classical way was paved for me too. A rural elementary- and secondary  school, making the change to high school in the county capital feel like the edge of the world already, not at least because of a one hour bus ride - each way. School, homework, tennis, meeting friends is the normal daily routine and in hindsight feels like peaceful experiences from another planet today.

Civil service and working with disabled children showed me how lucky I am to be healthy. Despite their handicaps, some of the kids I met those days have been the happiest ones I have seen in my life. Nevermind, l chose studies by checking which degree would make me earn good money. Business & IT it was.

Living in a student's apartment community and in an unknown city opens new perspectives. I started enjoying change, taking (self-)responsibility, traveling, and just trying to do things differently.

I am grateful to receive a student scholarship at the Stevens Institute near New York, which initiates a decade of many travels to North America, South-East-Asia and Africa. Alway in combination with great activities like hiking, mountain-biking, camping, golfing ... as close to nature as possible. 

Alongside private adventure and traveling, the job opens new perspectives on business, culture and leadership. I am happy to climb a bit of the corporate ladder while working in countries around the globe for Daimler, from the US to Singapore and from Sweden over India to South Africa. Eventually however the rat race is not my destiny, and it is time to make a change. 

The ignition of a serious dream with the foundation of the Serious Dreams GmbH together with Daniela, and the purpose to enable and support more humans to live towards their vision of a dream life.

Every kid my age - especially the boys - used to play football. I chose tennis. Probably one of the first rebellions against the 'normal', not the last. I liked doing what I love and not what others told me. I stayed polite mostly though and did not dare to oppose conventions, not at least since we lived in a super conservative community.

Because of the far too early death of my mother, I grew up under the loving care of my grandparents, my father as well as my aunts and uncles, in simple conditions yet in a great natural and peaceful environment. 


I was born in a small village with the funny name Twist in a rural area in Lower Saxony, Germany, surrounded mostly by marsh- and farmland.

I stand for ...

taking time to look ahead
taking time to look ahead
being conscious and mindful
being conscious and mindful
staying on top of my business
staying on top of my business
enjoying nature and sports
enjoying nature and sports
reaching high with joy
reaching high with joy
assuming things to change
assuming things to change
celebrating success
celebrating success
taking time to reflect
taking time to reflect
having fun!
having fun!