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Usually everything starts pretty simple, doesn't it? In our case it was the simple question ...

What is the vision of our lives?

Simply asked, but tough to answer, right? Would you be able to clearly state your dreams, your life visions, your purposes and your most important personal values? We discovered that many people do struggle with those questions, especially in the combination and with its interdependencies between the individual aspects. And honestly, we did so too for a bigger part of our life. We simply did not take those things seriously, but rather lived along the path which we thought was already paved for us. However, we did change things and started reflecting, and asking ourselves the most relevant question: 

What do we really want to achieve in our lives?

Reflecting this question and working consciously on common goals, visions, ... dreams, elevated our wellbeing to a completely new level. Experiences we envisioned, which we  first regarded as unreachable or very far away, became reality within a short time. Consequently, we made it our mission to work out an approach to address those questions in a generally applicable approach, which helps everyone to come up with honestly reflected answers.

Our Vision

We keep it simple and straight! We want to ...

... encourage YOU to uncover your true dreams and seriously follow your individual purpose. 

... provide guidance to enable YOU to attain goals with respect to your individual values.

... connect YOU to a powerful community and coaches with expert knowledge in various relevant areas.

... empower YOU to overview the big picture and keep track of your progress.
... design a straightforward process and a fun-to-use tool while considering YOUR current life’s circumstances.

Eventually, we want YOU to be the master of your game, while we are happy to provide you with the relevant toys! … ohm, meaning master of your life, and of course it’s about methods and tools 😁 Yes, we do take things seriously, but we also never forget to enjoy life in a positive way and have fun - this is a big chunk of the magic!

Our Approach

#1 Discover

#2 Develop

#3 Connect

We want to keep it simple - especially at the beginning.


We designed an online course, a straight-forward and easy-to-use guided tour to reflect on your current situation and your definition of dreams, visions, personal values, as well as the important areas of your life.

Walk in your own speed and get inspired to be prepared to taking off onto another level. Simply start the process with no obligations and be introduced into some extremely relevant aspects which contribute to your wellbeing and fulfilment!

Go deep and follow back the purpose of your dreams, the key elements behind your individual life vision, and draw a relation to the elements you discovered in step #1; your personal values and the important areas of your life.

We provide you with a template to document your visions of your dream life as well as all relevant aspects you need to work towards them. You will be guided through visualisation exercises, discover obstacles and suitable work-arounds, and pave the path towards your dreams - first mentally, and then step-by-step in a reality with tangible results.

Your work according to personal preferences and create your personal life vision in a digital, analog or hybrid format. We use common state-of-the-art digital tools to support you along the way.

A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved. And joy shared is joy doubled.


You play the main role in your game of life. However, use the power of your community, and make extensive use of our network too. You will be enjoying ongoing exchange with likeminded people who all have wisdoms to share.


Additionally we are happy to connect you to experts and coaches in many fields, especially for your development in the fields of body, mind and soul. Of course, it is up to you to make use of it and nothing happens without your consent. 


Moreover, we are happy to support you to benefit from the capabilities of social networks, also anonymously. We will show you how that works. 
You will get closer to your goals, and make your vision of a dream life reality. Last but not least, you will experience the fulfilment of supporting others with your experience and wisdom. You will grow beyond your expectations while receiving appreciation for your support. So, it's time to start!

Our Purpose



We have made our dreams our highest priority and started reflected them consciously.

One dream became the foundation of our company, and consequently its purpose:


Encourage as many people as possible to take their dreams seriously

and provide guidance along the way!

With Serious Dreams we strive to help other likeminded people around the world

to pursue their dreams. To join us, please leave a message or start your journey right from here:

Our Values


We believe that every good relationship builds on trust, respect and authenticity.  We value honesty towards each other and towards ourselves. We trust that choices made with confidence and optimism are always the best.


We are convinced that there is so much to discover in this world as well as inside ourselves. Being open-minded and challenging the status quo is our passion. We trust that this will lead us to places beyond our imagination.


We do what we love and love what we do. We deeply care about the people who cross our paths. Contribution is our core motivation and the way we express our love for life.


We believe that life is a journey of growing into the best version of ourselves. We never stop learning and we have the choice of what to do with our time on this beautiful planet.  We believe that beyond our comfort zone is where we start growing.


We believe that we are all connected. We have the dream that one day everyone puts similarities over differences. We contribute our actions to this evolution every single day.


We know that nature seeks for balance. Balance is the secret to our superpowers and also the source of peace of mind. We value different ways to find balance to live in harmony with each other and our environment.