When precision and high-tech meet nature, something wonderful is created: unique fresh cosmetics and biovital substances of the highest quality. Ringana's highest goal is to offer absolute high-end products that are produced entirely without unnecessary ingredients and vegan. Ethics and sustainability are the basis of all actions - from the purchase of raw materials, production and delivery to the recycling of the products.

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The Healy is a certified wearable that uses individually determined frequencies to stimulate specific areas in the body. Through regular use of the selected frequency programs, the Healy is designed to help restore cell membrane tension to a natural level. This little all-rounder has frequency programs for many areas of life to promote health, well-being and balance.

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XANTARA - a company with many years of experience and competence combined with love for people and animals. Xantara is an owner-managed, German family business. The company incorporates our 20 years of experience in the field of balanced, healthy pet food. With a product philosophy which is based 100% on nature. Xantara remains true to this quality standard using natural, valuable ingredients - both in balanced pet food as well as in cosmetics and health products.