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My story

My journey from a Mercedes brand ambassador and project manager to eventually becoming a Face Reading Expert, Business & Lifestyle Coach and Networker.

Always adventurous and creative, I have travelled all over the world in recent years, both professionally and privately. I love exploring new countries and cultures, meeting new people and being fascinated by similarities and differences.

A colourful path with valuable experiences and a lot of love for people and their dreams.

My business studies gave me the right basis to get to know different functions and areas of the Mercedes-Benz Group (formerly Daimler AG) for 14 years and also to use my talents. My roles were quite diverse, since I love changes and challenges once in a while. I worked as a project and event manager, Mercedes brand manager, key note speaker, feelgood manager and rallye driver in Morocco and Italy for the Mercedes-Benz team.

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"Get clear about your desires in life and life will give you the
chance to realize them. The decision is yours."

Even before I left my long-term employment, I was very much concerned with topics related to personal development. I actively reflected on my values and, with the help of vision boards, consciously imagined how I would like to live and work in my ideal situation. Points like: Living close to nature, helping people to find their strength, a working relationship on an equal footing, flexible and self-determined work and remaining true to my own values were always at the top of the list.

Why I left a "safe job" to

build my own business

At some point, the moment came when the opportunity arose to turn my dreams and desires into reality. During the time when the world came to a standstill for a few months, my world began to turn in a whole new direction. I decided to leave the corporation, start my own company with my partner and explore what else was waiting for me in the world. Together, my partner and I took a year off and travelled around Spain and Scandinavia in a caravan.

Exercise, healthy nutrition, mindfulness and appreciation are essential factors for sustainable performance, health and satisfaction ...

It has always been a special concern of mine to maintain a good team spirit and to work for the well-being of my colleagues, despite all the stress that comes with everyday work in the office. This is how I came to my role as Feelgood Manager. I studied prevention and mindfulness methods as well as stress management in the workplace. I offered Qi Gong and meditation sessions during lunch breaks or organised small "health challenges". I received a lot of gratitude and joy in return.

An impulse during breakfast connected me "again" with the fascination for faces and the personalities behind them.

And as it has often been the case in my life, my new heart topics came to me "by chance" but at exactly the right time. And they combined beautifully with my values and already existing interests. One morning I heard a book summary about face reading. This topic unconsciously played an immensely important role for me in my youth, which I didn't really know how to classify until then. I liked drawing portraits very much and almost exclusively. Different faces simply fascinated me. As I was not the fastest drawer, I began to collect magazines almost obsessively with the main focus that they contained full-page portraits, which I then drew in numerous hours. I couldn't quite put into words why I was so fascinated by the different faces. Until that moment at the breakfast table that inspired me to search for face reading trainings. I found what I was looking for and knew immediately that I had come to the right place. Finally I could also understand the meaning of the shapes that had been precisely traced minute by minute over the years. This is a gift that I now gratefully pass on to my clients who want to learn more about themselves.

As so often, one thing leads to another and the individual pieces of the puzzle create a coherent picture at the end. 

A further training in systemic coaching, with the aim of enriching my coaching skills and being able to support my own networking team even better, I came into contact with NLP as a coaching method and was immediately enthusiastic. My fascination became so great that I decided to do the NLP Practitioner training. The coaching formats taught in the course enable me as a coach to raise potentials with my clients and in my team, to increase performance and to effectively confront emerging obstacles and blockages. This is a wonderful complement to the art of face reading.


Hi I am


Face Reading Expert, Coach, Networker, Humanitarian, Globetrotter, Nature Enthusiast, Family Fan and Yoga Lover


If you know what excites you, the right thing will find you.

Follow your instincts and stay open to new possibilities.

I love the exchange with people and I love it when I can help people with my knowledge and recommendations, especially when it comes to physical and mental well-being. This love and enthusiasm for preventive health and sustainability, which I have shared for many years with my twin sister Sabine, brought another valuable piece of the puzzle into my life for my new professional work. Shortly after my professional reorientation, my sister enthusiastically introduced me to Business Chance as a networker with a brilliant Austrian company. I was immediately inspired by the company's philosophy. Despite the distance, we had been dreaming for a long time of joining forces and working together. With this company, which fully embodies my values and the possibility of working internationally, flexibly and independently of location, this wish has now become reality. And that was just the beginning ...

It makes me happy to share my enthusiasm and recommend what I am convinced of. A company philosophy based on ethics, freshness of the highest standard and sustainability suits me as a health-conscious person 100%. 

It's the people that move me.


I have made it my mission to help and inspire other people to make the most of their lives.

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