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what is
network marketing?

Here you will find detailed information about the business model of the 21st century.

A guide to your journey into the world of network marketing

What is network marketing?


Network marketing (American "multi-level marketing - short form MLM") is a special form of direct sales, more precisely, a modern form of recommendation marketing.


Network Marketing got its start in the USA. During the economic crisis of the 1930s and 1940s, business people looked for new business models to slowly and surely rebuild the economy.

The observations showed that recommendations have a very large influence on a customer's purchasing decisions. This laid the basis for multi-level marketing.

What are the advantages and disadvantages in network marketing?


Anyone who has already decided on network marketing knows that there is more to it than just working whenever you want. It is a very unique way of working that brings with it enormous advantages that are rarely found in other job descriptions.

Nevertheless, the business model is still being sold with a quick buck for doing nothing. At the latest after a few weeks in network marketing, most people know that there is a lot more to it than just casually talking to people.


Based on the advantages and disadvantages that I describe in the article, you can find out quite well whether network marketing is something for you.

Is network marketing legal? Is Network Marketing a cult?


Hardly any other business model is more misunderstood and discredited than network marketing. I too, like so many people, had my views on network marketing.

But as an entrepreneur I have learned: question what you reject prematurely and get a comprehensive picture for yourself. I did this.


This article deals with the network marketing business model and at the same time clarifies all of themMyths and untruths that unfortunately still circulate about network marketing.

"Investing in a network marketing company was the best I've ever doneI have."

warren buffett
Multi-billionaire and major investor

What do you earn in network marketing?


If you enter this question in Google, more than 12 million search results will come up. 

Lots of people want to get rich. But only a few want to do what is necessary.

As in any self-employment, it depends on your enthusiasm, your diligence and your willingness to develop yourself further.

I can use very simple calculation examples to explain how your income is made up. In our free online academy there is also sufficient  information material on the underlying remuneration model. Transparency is the top priority in this business.

How much time do I have to spend on network marketing?


Balancing family, career and free time in the best possible way and at the same time keeping all family members happy is an art in itself.
How do you manage to start a side business without it all being too much for you?earth?

The good news, it works. With the help of the time matrix, you too can get your work-life balance on the right track.

How does a networker work? 

This podcast episode answers the following questions, among others:

★ What should the daily routine of a networker look like?

★ Which industry or people are particularly open to network marketing?

★ What should you pay particular attention to at the beginning?

Quiet Desk

"Rich people search and build networks, the rest are looking for work."

- Robert T Kiyosaki -
Multi-billionaire, major investor and best-selling author of "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" 

Ready for a new adventure? Ready for a new career?

I am happy to take the time to advise you comprehensively about the company in a personal conversation. I answer all your questions and we discuss your goals, opportunities and career

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