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Author: Lydia Werner - professional networker

Network Marketing Explained: The Pros and Cons of Network Marketing

The article series "The 1 x 1 of network marketing" deals with the job profile of network marketing and the lies, errors, myths and untruths that are still circulating about network marketing. However, before I uncover another lie, I would like to explain the advantages and disadvantages of the MLM business model to you in more detail today.

Anyone who has already decided on network marketing knows that there is more to it than just working whenever you want. It is a very unique way of working that brings enormous benefits and is hard to find in other professions. Nevertheless, the business model is still being sold with a quick buck for doing nothing. At the latest after a few weeks in network marketing, most people know that there is a lot more to it than just casually talking to people

The professional profile of a networker is an activity that, in addition to many advantages, brings with it a lot of freedom. Despite these many plus points, you need the willingness and motivation to work, as well as perseverance, diligence and discipline. Because success and income are measured by your effort.


Based on the advantages and disadvantages that I mention here, you can find out quite well whether network marketing is something for you.


01 You are your own boss surrounded by a great team

As a networker, you are your own boss. You have no one above you to tell you what to do. You determine your own work rhythm and decide who your customers and partners are and how you proceed. Of course you are not alone. You work together with your mentor and your team partners. Every networker supports her team as well as she can, of course. And each individual is involved in the success.

02 You can organize your time freely = maximum flexibility

Since you are your own boss, you can organize your time as you wish and you can design each working week/day individually and individually. This is of course a great advantage if you have a family or want to start a part-time job for the first time.

03 You can work from wherever you want = nomad life

One of the biggest advantages of network marketing for me personally is the geographical independence.

I live in Austria and Mallorca and my work accompanies me everywhere I go. Yes, you read that right, you can do your job from anywhere, be it on vacation, traveling or in your second home.

My book tip!

"The 4 Hour Workweek - More Time, More Money, More Life" by Tim Ferris

This book is a guide to escaping the hamster wheel and a manifesto for a new balance between life and work. Tim Ferris shows you how you too can work more freely and happily.

04 You have no prerequisites = nobody asks for a CV!

In network marketing, everyone has the same chance of being successful in the long term. It doesn't matter what skin color, age, background or education you have. You can start at any time and throw yourself straight into your new work. Every company offers you regular education and training, which I advise you to take up. The more you know about your business model and your products, the more helpful it is to win customers and partners. These are all advantages for you.

05 You can do it full-time or part-time

Whether you do it full-time or part-time is entirely your decision. Many who start in network marketing start on the side for the first time because they feel secure in their main job. Some change later or maybe never.


My advice!

You can use the time matrix to find out how much time you have for network marketing alongside your job. You will receive the time matrix from your mentor.

06 You don't need start-up capital and have low investments

You go into self-employment without pre-financing, start-up capital or high investments. There are no costs for business premises, advertising, etc. You don't have to worry about shipping, complaints and production. So all the work that you otherwise have as an entrepreneur is eliminated.


There are countless temptations on the Internet to help you become rich and successful overnight - be it online courses, webinars or other "bargains". Unfortunately, it is often a rip-off and I can't stand that. With this podcast episode I would like to draw your attention to nonsensical investments and protect our industry from damage.

07 The company is already established, product and quality are given

The product is ready and the company already has a good reputation. Network marketing companies have been on the market for years and their marketing concept works. You don't need complicated business plans and you can start at any time.


My advice!

Find out more about the company and the products before you decide. 

08 What are your earning potential?

Your income is not fixed. There are no borders. With network marketing it is possible to earn money immediately and build up a higher income step by step. You register with your company and can get started right away.

09 There are no contracts

Normally there are no contracts that you are bound by. That means you can opt out at any time. You are also not dictated how much you work and more importantly how much you sell. Totally up to you!

I've found a few cons that naturally turn into pros once you address them properly:



01 Ignorance and prejudices about the business model

Not everyone is equally enthusiastic about network marketing. The reason for this is that there are rumors and untruths circulating about network marketing.

My advice!

Find out exactly about the industry, how your company's business model works and what exactly is behind network marketing. With all your knowledge, the ignorant have no chance to argue against you and your profession.

02 Free timing is great, but don't underestimate it

Find out how much time you want to devote to your work in network marketing to avoid it becoming too much for you. At the beginning you don't know how much work you have to do. Discuss this with your mentor.


Organization and time management as well as lists of priorities are the be-all and end-all at the beginning of your career.

My book tip!

"The 80/20 principle: more success with less effort" by Richard Koch

In this standard work, Richard Koch shows that the 80/20 principle applies to all areas of business life

is applicable and describes how the principle can increase business efficiency many times over.

CONCLUSION Successful network marketing not only needs a little patience and perseverance. It needs a motive and a first goal, how much you want to achieve for yourself. If you also want to work freely and independently and can do without a boss, the network marketing business model is just right for you.

Of course, it also takes courage to take that first step, to start something completely new. And actually you can only win.

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