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Hello you wonderful human being, my name is Daniela.

I am Founder of Serious Dreams.


After working for almost fifteen years as a Project- and Feelgood Manager in a corporate environment, I have fulfilled my dream of a more self-determined, flexible lifestyle.

As a Feelgood- and Facereading Coach, I now fully dedicate myself to my favorite topics wellbeing, prevention, health and sustainability as well as providing new business opportunities for people who also want to realize their dream of a self-determined and flexible job.


I have very deliberately entered into partnerships with companies that also represent these topics and values. If you want to work independently, flexibly and without any risk or obligation in the field of bio, ethics and sustainability, as additional income or full-time, then please get in touch for further information.

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Services & Products
Face Reading

The features in your face are no coincidence! Our face is like a mirror of our personality. What moves us on the inside is also reflected on the outside. In the face we can see our talents and gifts as well as our challenges. A face reading is therefore an analysis of our strengths and talents, which gives us information about our needs, our purpose in life, our vocation. By being aware of our innate dispositions we can control, manage and harmonize ourselves better. Are you curious what is written on your face? Get in touch with me for a free info session on a 60 min face reading session.

I am looking forward to seeing you!

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About us

Who we are:

Serious Dreams is a network of independent business partners who are convinced that a self-determined and profitable business can go hand in hand with respect and appreciation for our health and our environment. For us, this is the prerequisite for a modern and fulfilling lifestyle, with equal rights, mutual respectful support and love for this planet and all its creatures.

Your superpower is your health, physically as mentally

What we believe in:

We believe in a self-determined, healthy and sustainable lifestyle and we are happy to pass knowledge on to like-minded individuals and groups. We would like to encourage our fellow human beings to take their personal dreams very seriously and realize them with confidence and joy. We aim to inspire people to take care of their own health and well-being more consciously and preventively and to pay more attention to sustainability in their daily life. 

What is in it for you:

We want to provide you with more than great products and services for your physical and mental health. We give you access to a network of highly qualified experts and partners. On top of that, we will enable you to build and grow your own self-determined business - no matter if you just want to generate a small additional income, or start all over to grow big soon. It’s up to you to take the first step now.

You are unique, your dreams are unique, you are part of a unique world!

How to start:

We have decided to focus on personal contact instead of selling products and services anonymously.

If you share our philosophy and for any further information, get in touch. We are looking forward to meeting you!

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Nutrition Expert

& Energy Work

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VIDA Couture


Bridal Fashion

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EQUUS Pferde-gestützes Coaching

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Sustainable Style


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Light On!

Women Empowerment Coach

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 Future Partner 

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„The future belongs to those
who believe in the beauty of their dreams.“

- attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt -